Leonardo October 2008

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Roger F. Malina, Executive Editor
Vol. 41, Issue 5, October 2008
MIT Press Journals
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Volume 41, Issue 5 - October 2008


Artists and Scientists: Open and Hidden Connections - Giorgio Careri

Artist's Article

From the Kinesphere to the Kinesfield: Three Choreographic Interactive Artworks - Gretchen Schiller

Artist's Note

The Return of Images: Photographic Inquiries into the Interaction of Light - Edgar Lissel

Color Plates

Color Plates

General Articles

The Media-Art Exhibition TenYearsAfter_v4.0_OuterSpace - Soo-jin Lee, Kwang-yun Wohn

Landscapes of Feeling, Arenas of Action: Information Visualization as Art Practice - Tom Corby

Artistic Research on Life Forms: Exploring the Intersections of Science, Art and Life in the Context of Globalization - Mojca Puncer

General Note

When Is Information Visualization Art? Determining the Critical Criteria -Andres Ramirez Gaviria

Special Section: Nanotechnology, Nanoscale Science and Art

Nanotech, Blur and Tragedy in Recent Artworks by Gerhard Richter - Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Theoretical Perspective

Reconsidering Pictorial Representation by Reconsidering Visual Experience - Johan Veldeman

Special Section: Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo da Vinci

Resurrecting Leonardo's Great Lady: A Collaboration 
Marilène Oliver, Francis Wells

Special Section: ArtScience: The Essential Connection

A Bird in the Microcosm: An Environment of Found Objects Constructed to Create Arbitrary Preferences in Starlings - Meredith Root-Bernstein

From the Leonardo Archive

Sky, Scale and Technology in Art - Otto Piene, Robert Russett

Leonardo Reviews - Films

The Sixth Side of the Pentagon by Chris Marker and Francois Reichenbach. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A., 2007. DVD, 26 min. The Embassy by Chris Marker. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn, NY, 1973. DVD, 21 min. 2-video DVD. Distributor's web site: www.frif.com. - Michael R. (Mike) Mosher

Leonardo Reviews -

When Walls Become Doorways: Creativity and the Transforming Illness by Tobi Zausner. Harmony Books, New York, 2007. 374 pp. ISBN: - Rob Harle

Circles: Science, Sense and Symbol by Nicholas Wade. Dundee University Press, Dundee, U.K., 2007. 206 pp., illus. Paper. - Amy Ione

A Culture of Improvement: Technology and the Western Millennium by Robert Friedel. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2007. 576 pp., illus. Trade. - Amy Ione

Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community by Jennifer Deger. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A., 2006. 267 pp. Paper.  - Jonathan Zilberg

Traces of Light: Absence and Presence in the Work of Loïe Fuller by Ann Cooper Albright. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, U.S.A., 2007. 229 pp., illus. Trade, paper. - Martha Blassnigg

The Cry at Zero by Andrew Joron. Counterpath Press, Denver, CO, U.S.A., 2007. 120 pp. Paper. - Michael R. (Mike) Mosher

From Agit-Prop to Free Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price by Stanley Matthews. Black Dog Publishing, London, U.K., 2007. 285 pp., illus. Trade. ISBN 10: 1-904772-52-8; - Boris Jardine

Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic Imagination by Matthew G. Kirschenbaum. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2008. 316 pp., illus. Trade. - Jan Baetens

Colin St John Wilson: Buildings and Projects by Roger Stonehouse. Black Dog Publishing, London, U.K., 2007. 509 pp., illus. Trade. - Boris Jardine

Leonardo Reviews
- Journal

YLEM Journal: Artists Using Science and Technology Loren Means, Editor. San Francisco, U.S.A. May–June 2007. Vol. 27 No. 6: “Autonomous Robots That Paint.” 16 pp., illus. b/w. Journal website: www.ylem.org - Rob Harle

Leonardo Reviews On-Line

Leonardo Reviews On-Line


Full Color Video - Simon Payne

Who's Afraid of Picasso's Tie, or Do You See the Catch in Hypothetical Art? - Jurij Selan

World of Female Avatars an Artistic Online Survey on the Female Body in Times of Virtual Reality - Evelin Stermitz

Leonardo Network News

Leonardo Network News 


The Other Side of Digital Art  - Harry Rand