Line Up: The Unofficial Portraits 3rd Edition

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Line Up: The Unofficial Portraits 3rd Edition

In 2001, the U.S. Attorney of New Jersey gave our John Ashcroft snow globe to the Attorney General as a gift. David Israelite, Ashcroft's assistant told the New Yorker that it's in an undisclosed place.

When Israelite was informed of our sentiments, he was surprised. "It's too bad they feel that way," he said. "We're still looking for an artist to do Ashcroft's official portrait."

So—with that, we had to answer the challenge. We realized that the only way to portray him was in a mug shot, with frontal and side views. Well, the project grew to include other officials from the Bush administration. All in all, there are seven black and white portraits bearing the date and location when each betrayed the public's trust.

Bound as a fold-out book, and perforated on the edges, the postcards fan out in a long, line up. They are printed in New York City (site of the Republican 2004 convention) on high-quality coated stock.

A perfect keepsake in book form; or sent to your pals as postcards. They're USPS regulation size (all they need is a stamp and they're ready to mail).


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