10 Steps to your own Virtual Sweatshop

10 Steps to your own Virtual Sweatshop


Original Concept by:
Jeff Crouse
Stephanie Rothenberg

Created by:
Jeff Crouse
Stephanie Rothenberg
Andrew Mahon
Morgan Cooper
Nix Sands

Video Directed by:
Annie Ok
Jeff Crouse
Stephanie Rothenberg

Annie Ok

Live Footage:
Stephanie Rothenberg
Broken Branchez Productions

Double Happiness Employees:
Lailu Loon
Leena Blackadder
Corvin Tao
Economic Mip
topher Skinstad
Jorden Bellios
Keenan Yengawa
Cassandi Gossipgirl
Kristy McBride
Fpady2 comet
MoMo Felwitch
Relentless Roux
Isidro GossipGirl
Arrn Blanco
MalieDornan Telling
Pandesmos Xi

Double Happiness Models:
Joanna Raczkiewicz
Geraldine Juarez
Sonia Ahn
Taj Banks
Simon Jolly
Glen Moore

Additional Thanks to:
Disco Meisch
Astrud Sands
Zach Lieberman
Shivaun Korfanta
Shari Frilot

Invisible Threads installation at New Frontier on Main at Sundance ‘08

Invisible Threads was made possible by the kind support of Eyebeam and Sundance

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Cast: Jeff Crouse