Eyebeam Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass Day 2

Day 2: Thur., July 9, 2009Publication and DocumentationAs part of Fair Use Day, we considered some of the practical and legal issues concerning reproduction, particularly as it applies to issues of curating participatory and time-based art forms or art which takes place in the public domain. Can publishing be a documentation strategy for creating and curating ephemeral work, or work that is based on conversations or actions? What happens when the art and its documentation are the same thing, as in the case of maps? Release strategies used by curators working with emergent new media forms was rigorously compared.Guests: Lize Mogel (Artist/Curator).Eyebeam respondant: Rebecca Cittadini (Communications and Marketing Manager, Eyebeam).Videography: Rus Garofalo

Projects: CRUMB, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass
Tags: art, eyebeam, new york, curatorial masterclass, curating, open source, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass, crumb, Videos