Fairytale Fashion: Part 2: Projects (Diana Eng) / Eyebeam Open Studios 2009

Fairytale Fashion: Part 2: Projects (Diana Eng) / Eyebeam Open Studios 2009

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Diana Eng: As a fashion designer who works with science and technology, I've learned about some really amazing things. I've had some great experiences as a designer: sitting front row at fashion week, working at various fashion companies, researching at the University of Bath Mechanical Engineering Dept., being a designer on Project Runway, working in Victoriai's Secret Research and Development department, and co-founding NYC Resistor hacker group. When I was a little girl, I wish that my friends and I knew about some of the things I know today. We would have loved to play with them. Dress-up with super sparkling LED's. Imagining worlds made of deployable structures. I want to share all of the neat things I've learned, because no matter what your age, science and technology are always fun to play with.

You may not be able to sew or solder or draft a pattern or program a microcontroller. But that's okay because Fairytale Fashion is about imagining the possibilities. I will be trying my best to make them happen.

Fairytale Fashion is produced with the support of Eyebeam.


Cast: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML