Mary Mack 5000 Intro Movie

Mary Mack 5000 Intro Movie

What is Mary Mack 5000? These days, most games are played on computers and consoles, often alone or with people online. Mary Mack 5000 is a game designed to encourage face to face interaction between the players, and also amongst the spectators. With the use of gloves with conductive sensors, the Arduino, Flash, laptop and projector, we hope that people will be able to enjoy themselves both by playing as well as by watching the game.

We have repackaged what is a little girl's game that challenges rhythm, speed and timing, as a hyper, metal-rocker game. No, it is not just your little sister's game anymore.

Collaborator: Lina Fenequito
Music by: Ray Mancini & Sergey Popovich
Movie by: Stina Hasse

Cast: Kaho A, stina hasse

Tags: Videos