Google has thrown its support behind a contest that searches for ways to map out the U.S. government's esoteric spending patterns. Called "Data Viz Challenge," the contest has been assembled by the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, a digital-arts collective headquartered a stone's throw from Google's Manhattan satellite office, and promises $5,000 to the entrant who can best "visualize how your individual federal income taxes are spent."


The Data Viz Challenge: can you make tax data exciting?
2/22/2011 09:20:00 AM
This time of year, everyone in the United States is starting to fill out—with varying levels of enthusiasm—our federal income tax forms. Yet, after we write our checks to the IRS, most of us don’t really know exactly where our money is going.


Datamining Hip-Hop’s History

* By Duncan Geere Email Author
* February 20, 2011 |
* 7:41 pm |
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An artist named Tahir Hemphill wants to datamine 30 years of hip-hop lyrics to provide a searchable index of the genre’s lexicon.


Mikael Jorgensen & Travis Thatcher at The Shrine Of Native Rites For Electric Winter @ Eyebeam, NYC

Travis Thatcher & I played electronics @ Eyebeam, NYC in the following installation:

“Esther Cheung & David Jimison - Shrine of Native Rites for the Electric Winter
Esther Cheung & David Jimison use technology in rituals of psychosomatic magick. The Shrine is a sacred space of the electro native. Projected symbols of a computational astrology on synthetic hides enclose an ambient electro tea ceremony. “


Last year, Massimo, David Mellis, and I attended the Open Hardware Summit in New York, and began working with several others at the summit on a definition and statement of principles for producing open hardware. We’re happy to announce that after several months of discussion, writing, and debate, version 1.0 of the open source hardware definition and statement of principles has been released. Shepherded gently but fiercely by Ayah Bdeir, the definition is a good starting point to talk about what open source hardware is, what best practices are, and how the businesses making it work. My hope is that it will lead to more mainstream adoption of open source hardware practices.


Photos: Eyebeam anniversary--geek meets art chic | 3 of 10


Jonah Peretti, Founder of Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post, [and founder of Eyebeam's OpenLab] talked about the early days. “We thought about things differently. It’s about communicating and sharing, and the activities the readers are doing. You need real-time stats to see how people interact with content. Do they share it, pass it along? It is less about saying, ‘Here is our media for you to read and digest,’ and more about ‘How are people interacting with our media?’