X-Lab is an open lab environment where we share the ongoing research and practice of our residents and fellows, and offer opportunities for deeper public engagement.   Much as an unConference favors a flexible, participant-driven format that values energetic dialogue over talking head presentations, X-Lab might be described as an unExhibition where, rather than present finished works, we provide a space for critical reflection on and participation in the research and production processes at Eyebeam.  In the spirit of open culture, X-Lab is a platform for opening Eyebeam's process to the public. Through X-Lab, we share thinking and techniques behind the work-in-progress of our fellows and residents through workshops and presentations, while looking critically at experimental lab models around the world. The artists, engineers, hackers and program staff working here track the activities and projects within X-Lab as they evolve, fork, and converge via a dynamic documentation process - available online and in the space.  In exploding the Eyebeam lab model, putting it under the microscope for closer inspection, we offer new ways for both the public and Eyebeam itself to understand and shape its vision for creative practice at the nexus of socially-engaged art, design, and engineering.