South Studio Zero


Studio South Zero is a social and environmental art practice focused on bringing solar technology, architecture, sculpture, and nomadic place making to small-underutilized urban sites. Torkwase aims to inspire place-based adaptation toward hyper-local renewable energy and develop collaborative art works that access environmental resources based on what each microclimate provides.  As a interdisciplinary artist, her goal is to achieve zero carbon based participatory installations where artist and  audiences collectively use resources from zero energy architecture to support and activate their creative needs.  This project is guided by the philosophy of social sculpture and safe ecology. She aims to bolster civic pride through socially engaged art experiences that improve climate protection and environmental livability for us all.

Habitats for Carbon Free Social Exchange is the next solar installation coming from Studio South Zero.  Located at Surfside Community Garden in Coney Island, this modular solar powered architectural structure will serve as a communal art space for multimedia art collaborations between a wide variety of makers, growers, writers, performers and inventors addressing ideas of geography, climate, architecture, anthropocene, place un-keeping and environmental resources.  

Surfside Community Garden will host Habitats for Carbon Free Social Exchange from September 2014- October 2015!studio-south-zero/c202o

Project Created: 
August 2014