artist profile: dale lloyd

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dale lloyd is one of the most prolific curatorial publishers and experimental artists on the scene. In 2001, he founded and/OAR, a recording label focused on

presenting unique environmental recordings, sound art, avant-garde and electronic music. From 2001 to 2005, Dale produced the highly regarded series of field recording compilations for

The sound work of Dale Lloyd has been released by labels such as and/OAR, Overheard And Rendered, Alluvial Recordings, Bremsstrahlung Recordings, Conv, Sirr.ecords, Non Visual Objects, Sonic Arts Network, Mu label, Mystery Sea, Petite Sono, S’Agita Recordings, Staalplaat / Open Circuit, Leerraum, Tiramizu, Accretions, Psyclone,, æ, World Domination / CZ Records, Praxis, Space Age Recordings, Shadow Puppet Recording Company, Labile Music, Throat, and Sonicabal. Links to MP3 works can be found on the DISCOGRAPHY page of this site, and have been issued by 12k / Term, EARlabs, Bremsstrahlung Recordings / Trans>parent Radiation, Stasisfield, Tiln Digital Diffusion, and among others.

Dale has been kind enough to provide an interview for my personal blog which you can read here. In addition to all the outstanding accomplishments listed in his bio, Dale is a genuine guy who has always taken the time to say hello and offer good advice. Part of my reason for interviewing Dale and other label owners is to provide a link between fresh young artists and masters of the craft. I hope this interview provides some insight about Dale’s labels, the artist that he publishes and the path to success in the evolving music industry.