Project Chaboo Connects Portland Creatives

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amy ruppels chaboo

Photos by Anna Campbell.

Recently, my friend Ken Tomita curated a furniture design show like no other called Project Chaboo. He brought together 50 of Portland’s finest industrial designers, architects, illustrators, inventors, engineers, and carpenters to reinterpret one of his signature designs. The design is based on a common Japanese low table, known as chabudai. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with one of the nicest illustrators in Portland, Amy Ruppel on her chaboo. I engraved her leaf design into the top surface, then laser cut felt to be infilled into the birch.

Here’s what Amy had to say about her chaboo:

“Since this chaboo is made of a green, solid material, I wanted an emblem of strength to come out of it. To me, that is a young stag in the woods. The felt helps to soften the piece and give it a sense of quiet and a tactile quality that longs to be touched. I like for my work to reflect nature and what inspires me about it. Catching a glimpse of birds or an animal in the woods is exciting to me, and I want to share that excitement.


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