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Artek's 10-Unit System in the guise of a chair

Artek's eco-friendly 10-Unit System



Continuing the creative collaboration between Finnish furniture house Artek and Japanese designer/architect Shigeru Ban, 10-Unit is a furniture design concept rooted in simplicity.

Running with the recurring theme of rational, sustainable design, each of 10-Unit’s eponymous individual parts can be rebuilt in a variety of different forms – a chair, a bench or even a table.

See more of Artek's 10-Unit combinations

Produced from UPM Profi (an environmentally sound wood/plastic composite) 10-Unit is both recyclable and non-toxic. Available in a plethora of colours ranging from black to white and back again, Artek’s puzzle-piece creation will no doubt be an ideal domestic addition for design-savvy greenies that like to play with their furniture.



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