Aqua Penguins, Not Your Average Robot

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Penguins are survival artists that brave the icy Antarctic storms to rear their young on land, where they move rather staidly and at times even somewhat clumsily. They feed mainly on small shrimp-like creatures - krill - which they hunt in the depths of the ocean. The penguins' swimming and diving behaviour has been studied in Antarctica for many years. Using state-of-the-art methods, researchers have succeeded in revealing the secrets of the underwater "flight" of this unusual order of birds.

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The bionic penguins are designed as autonomous underwater vehicles that independently orient themselves and navigate through the water basin and develop differentiated, variable behavior patterns in group operation.


I'm always fascinated in the science of biomimicry and robotics. I adore penguins and to see these robots move with such life-like precision is mind blowingly AWEsome. Make sure to watch the video.