Healthcare Center Competition Won by NORD Architects

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Copenhagen dedicated €5.4million and outlined a design competition to build a Healthcare Centre for cancer patients in the city to be run in collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society. NORD Architects have just been announced as the winners with a design that utilises, space, natural light and outdoor gardens to encourage a positive mind.


Deyan Sudjic had said of a Maggie’s Centre, “This is a place that feels as if it’s about life, rather than death…it’s a place of reassurance and respite,” and this is the principle of the design.

Architects is renowned for user involvement processes and the development of visions, strategies and innovative designs so it is expected the designs will develop with primary research.

The design is an elaboration on the recognizable contour and scale of a house. At the same time the design becomes an iconographic building, as the small individual houses are interconnected by a sculptural roof structure. The building is enriched by the close relation to the surrounding landscape consisting of an inner courtyard, several terraces and themed gardens.


This saw-toothed gabled roof line runs around the perimeter of the centre, forming a central courtyard which can be accessed from a number of locations – creating a public, interior garden area that connects the interior spaces of the project [there's even a climbing wall, seen in the image below]. A series of balconies open off of this central space, further connecting the building with its site and surrounding neighbourhood.

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