*Deborah Fisher on art, change, earnestness and people like

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Deborah Fisher on art, change, earnestness and people like you

As Eyebeam puts together a panel this summer to discuss "Artists as Agents of Change," I thought it would be a good time to revisit Deborah Fisher's against-the-grain look at Art and Change and The World.

Over the past two or three years, Deborah Fisher has lead me down a rigorous and aggressively self-reflexive analysis of the usefulness, traps, and futilities tangled around the process of art-making. She's talked about art as life, the habit of making art hard, that a lot of participatory art suffers from the fact that people have better things to do than put up with people like you in their way, "appropriate" materials, context in public art, art and obnoxiousness, empty space, art as a neutralizing influence, sculpture traps, earnestness, and top ten art fears.

I've gotten a lot out of her posts, and hope you will as well.