*APPROPRIATION: RE-USE*Today's theme is Participatory Art as

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Today's theme is Participatory Art as Appropriation. Since appropriation is such a frequently used tactic in art-making, I'm breaking it down further, into Appropriation as Re-use, Appropriation that Object-ifies, Symbolic Appropriation, Appropriation as a Tool, and Appropriation as Mis-use.


We'll start with Rebar's PARKing Day, which turns a parking space into a PARKing space, relying on the public to feed the meter to keep the park running. It started as a single appropriation, and has become a nation wide movement.

Bureau de Mesarchitecture's "Double Happiness."

Needs no description.

And my last entries for re-use come from Gelitin.

A backyard becomes a hot-tub (heated by a wood-burning stove) and the Hayward's roof becomes a pond for boating.

So, with these appropriations that hinge on clever re-use of existing structures, we are also creating an adventure. And although these works are clearly site dependent, they are not specifically context-dependent, so they serve as instigations as well as appropriations. In other words, any yard can become a hot-tub, any billboard can become a swing-set, any parking space can become a park - so why not try it yourself! These are works meant to be copied, opening up the potential of the everyday for anyone.