*APPROPRIATION AS MISUSE* Guy Ben Ner, Stealing Beauty is a

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Guy Ben Ner, Stealing Beauty is a sitcom/soap opera performed by his family in a series of IKEA stores, without permission.

Parfyme's Tent Show turned the Nikolaj Kunstallen/ Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center into an artistic squat. Asked to "house" the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center's 30 year video collection, they invited 40 artists to build tents in the museum, and live in those tents during the show. One artist's tent held a freegan kitchen, so we pretty much never had to leave the place.

In these works, appropriation starts to become outright abuse, but in the end, by taking control of an existing situation, technology, or place, it really creates new capabilities. At the openng of the show, the Copenhagen Art Center commented that while this idea had at first seemed very scary, in the end, they realized it was a model that had allowed them to house 40 artists in Copenhagen for less that the usual cost of one...