Mark Skwarek says: "I'm working on a piece with Joseph

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Mark Skwarek says:

"I'm working on a piece with Joseph Hocking and Edgar Ramirez called 'the leak in your home town'. What we are doing is AR on the iPhone using the BP flower as a tracking marker and adding the broken pipe with gushing oil rising out of ita> like a chimney pipe. We are also doing AR with GPS as well.


Create your own oil spill in your local neighborhood with 'the leak in your hometown' app currently for the iPhone 3GS and coming to the android. Take your mobile device to your local BP gas station and launch the app. Use the app to look at the BP logo and see the broken pipe and clouds of oil emerge from the sign. "

Christopher Robbins says: This is pointing towards a really exciting possibility for Augmented Reality apps on phones. Along the lines of the two oil spill mapping projects I blogged last week, or the graffiti I've begun to see spring up around Endicott, NY ("IBM Chemical Spill Here"), I'd love to see apps that overlay actual but hidden environmental or criminal abuses on the sites where they take place.

Think Natalie Jereminjenko's Feral Robotic Dogs, repurposed to sniff out pollution, but in your pocket and a free download.