Carmen :: This city is difficult, the smog, the lack of

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Carmen :: This city is difficult, the smog, the lack of infrastructure, the heartbeaking poverty, and the pace of life itself can frustrate and exhaust the will. I had a chance to chat this morning with my good friend Anjali Srinivasan, she is now living in Dehli, another city plagued by similar problems. As we communicated over a clunky connection, I felt us descending into despair- even as we were discussing the exciting possibility of her new studio initiative on the beach in Dakshinachitra. Then for some reason, entirely off subject, I thought…but the metropolois inspires . It does- art sprouts everywhere.

She told me about the Sanskriti Foundation’s International artists’ residency program.
I want to share it with all of you because it seems like such a wonderful opportunity to work in India and help nourish the art sprouting there.





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