Green Prix - ZER01

Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

Shared by reBlog @ Eyebeam

Steve Dietz tells me there are many "new mobilities" projects in the Green Prix of the upcoming 01SJ Biennial in San Jose.

Green Prix

Brooklyn Aeolian Ride photo by Sarah Clark

The Green Prix is series of imaginative activities that provide an opportunity for artists and the public alike to produce, participate in, and cheer on innovative projects related to eco-themed transportation. The Green Prix activities are part of the Build Your Own World theme for the 01SJ Biennial, but at its core, the Green Prix is about creative and innovative strategies for sustainable, ecological friendly, and fun modes of transportation—artful “eco-motion.” It is an opportunity for the banana-bikes, self-propelled jet packs, soapboxes, and solar cars to come out and strut their stuff in front of a cheering audience and an irreverent panel of judges who will reward the humorously wacky and seriously innovative alike. Combining the ingenuity of the Kinetic Sculpture Race with the quirkiness of the and ludicrousness of the Idiotarod and the inspirational single-mindedness of Red Bull Flugtag participants, the Green Prix will be an stimulating experience where people can re-think the means of their voyages and redefine the sustainable transportation of the future.