TPSNY: French Theory Today: Introduction to possible futures

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Photo : Todd Rouhe

If you didn't have a chance to discuss 'introduction to civil war', 'becoming post capitalist self' and said somethings like 'there is nothing less passive than the act of fleeing', you missed the Public School New York's program past summer. Similar event happened in Berlin.

Well, that's the past and there is a fascinating seminar happening right now at the Public School New York in 177 Livingston st space. It is called ‘French Theory Today: Introduction to possible futures’. The sessions are taught by Alex Galloway, who teaches at NYU Media studies, honorary fellow at EYEBEAM and also member of Radical Software Group. The classes are free and open to all. Readings are intensive and rather difficult for someone without prior understanding of contemporary Continental philosophy. However, the classes are informing and discussions are insightful. The past first two days have been going well so far, and audio recordings and comments can be found at the class page. We have three more days to learn about unfamiliar yet compelling contemporary philosophy from France.

Equally exciting is Introduction to impossible futures, a barn razing class. The public school new york is leaving our beloved 177 space, and have to dismantle the interior structures which we built. Please come help and learn how to deconstruct space, pun intended.