Top 10: Robots doing stuff that scares the &$#! out of me blog

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Top 10: Robots doing stuff that scares the &$#! out of me

In truth, I regard the "robot uprising" meme with about the same level of seriousness as the "zombie apocalypse" meme. I suppose robots becoming sentient, independent, organized, and uncontrollably violent is at least plausible, but on the scale of plausible apocalypses, "robot revolution" is nowhere near the top of the list. More likely, in 100 years, robots will be tending to us like primates in a zoo.

So, in the spirit of fun, here's a collection of videos showing the mad, mad foolishness that roboticists have been up to equipping our future overlords with their tools of power. Or, in a more realistic vein: Look at all the amazing stuff robots can do these days!


Child-stealing swarm-bots




High speed flexpicker sorting-bot



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