City Of Paris Opens Up Its Data

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City Of Paris Opens Up Its Data

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
Jan. 27, 2011, 6:49 AM





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ParisThe Open Data movement tries to get governments and other organizations to put up online as much raw data as they can so that scientists, developers and entrepreneurs can use it for research and to build innovative services.

As of today, the City of Paris got on the bandwagon, with ParisData, releasing its data under the Open Knowledge Foundation's ODbL (Open Database License).

Unfortunately, the site is only in French right now -- there's no reason why only French speakers should do good stuff with this data.

The themes of the data released so far are: citizens, urban policy, transportation, public services, environment and culture.

We really like the Open Data movement. It can get too hyped as a way to radically transform government. But if it only manages to give birth to innovative services and startups, good research, and to make government more accountable, that's already a big plus.