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Chloë Bass is an artist, curator and community organizer based in Brooklyn. She is the co-lead organizer for Arts in Bushwick (, which produces the ever-sprawling Bushwick Open Studios, BETA Spaces, and performance festival SITE Fest, which she founded. Recent artistic work has been seen at SCOPE Art Fair, CultureFix, the Bushwick Starr Theater, Figment, and The Last Supper Art Festival, as well as in and around the public spaces of New York City. She has guest lectured at Parsons, the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and Brooklyn College. Other moments have found her co-cheffing Umami: People + Food, a 90 person private supper club; growing plants with Boswyck Farms (; and curating with architecture gallery SUPERFRONT ( Chloë holds a BA in Theater Studies from Yale University, and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) from Brooklyn College.

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The California Supreme Court will soon hand down its decision on whether or not Proposition 8 violates the state Constitution. As it has deliberated, Iowa, Maine, and Vermont have made same-sex marriage legal, while the rush to ban the practice by popular vote slowed in 2008. Our latest Transparency is a timeline of the changes to same-sex marriage laws showing where laws were changed via legislatures, courts, or voters.

A collaboration between GOOD and Timko & Klick.


Transparency: A History of Gay Marriage Bans thumbnail

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Retired Catholic Archbishop Rembert G Weakland, who has been accused of covering up widespread child rape by priests in Milwaukee, has a forthcoming memoir in which he wrote the following bits of wisdom:

"We all considered sexual abuse of minors as a moral evil, but had no understanding of its criminal nature."

Weakland, who retired in 2002 after it became known that he paid $450,000 in 1998 to a man who had accused him of date rape years earlier, said he initially "accepted naively the common view that it was not necessary to worry about the effects on the youngsters: either they would not remember or they would ‘grow out of it’."

"We did not know that child abuse was a crime," says retired Catholic archbishop

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All 12 of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novels and 20 short stories are included in a single bound volume. Price is £1000.

With 252, 16-page hand-sewn sections, the production values of this limited edition are amazing and the attention to detail is remarkable. Bound by Cedric & Chivers Period Bookbinding, cased in Winters Wintan leather, blocked in gold on the front and spine, with head and tail bands, four silk ribbon markers to keep your place, and with only 500 made, this special limited edition is for fans and collectors alike.

4,032 page Agatha Christie book is over one-foot-thick (Via Orange Crate Art)

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Milojo Productions (brainchild of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos) is now casting women with fabulous ideas and great personalities from across America for a new series. The show, set to air on TLC, takes a selected female inventor through the journey of realizing their dream. It's an opportunity to get your product developed, manufactured, marketed, and finally sold on The Home Shopping Network.

The show's casting directors will be accepting submissions through GotCast until the last week of June.

Here's what the video app needs to be:

30-Second Verbal Pitch - Briefly introduce yourself and your product with an intriguing couple of sentences that lets us know what your invention does without having to physically demonstrate it.

Component II: 2-minute Demonstration - Show us your product invention anyway you like, but it must include the demonstration of a working prototype, and it must be done in two minutes or less!

Component III: Bio - give us a little bit about you and perhaps the history of your invention! This is a chance to really let your personality shine through.

Who would you nominate? What would you like to see invented?

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[Photo via ESPN]

If you want to drive like a rocketeer, or maybe you just don't want to be bothered with checking your air pressure, then take a look at the Tweel.

Airless tires could solve a number of problems associated with pneumatic tire technology. cnn

The Tweel, an experimental tire and wheel combination developed by Michelin, is designed to replace today's air-filled tires. Flexible polyurethane spokes deflect over obstacles.

The technology has been under development for a few years.

Recently, I had a flat on my vehicle, and left the spare off of the holder while the repair was being done. I realized how heavy the tires on the car are every time I opened or closed the back gate. Tires weigh at least a couple hundred pounds of the vehicle's weight, decreasing fuel economy through inertia. I doubt that the tweel as configured would work well in snowy driving, it looks like the snow and ice would jam into the gaps and throw the balance way off, making for a very bumpy ride. Certainly, there are people working up solutions to that problem.

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Proxxon 34004 PD 230/E Lathe

The Proxxon Lathe PD 230/E can be used to perform precision turning on plastics, steel, brass and aluminum. It boasts a lot of very nice features for such a small lathe.

From the manufacturer's description

Comes complete with automatic feed, thread cutting capability, headstock chuck, live center and top slide for taper turner. It may be used to part, turn, and cut tapers. The numerous optional accessories add the versatility you need to complete all your miniature projects. Weight approximately 30 pounds and dimensions approximately 21inches by 9.8 inches by 5.9 inches. Has features of full sized lathe and can be packed away after each use. Practical hand wheel with zero adjustable scales 1 division = 0.001 (0.025 millimeter) 1 revolution equals .04 (1 millimeter). Combination of 3 speeds and additional electronic speed control allowing speeds from 100 to 3000 rpm are among the many features standard on this precision lathe.

OK, so I'll add this to my wishlist: the Proxxon 34004 PD 230/E Lathe

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The Oil Drum has an excellent post on Ecological Economics and the Food System. It's packed with interesting charts and graphs, including this one, which compares the climate impact of various kinds of food. If there are friends of yours who avoid red meat 'for ecological reasons,' this is what they're talking about.

Red meat isn't just marginally worse than other foods in terms of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions, it's very substantially worse.…

Red Meat Is Bad for the Environment: The Chart thumbnail





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Filmmaker Robert Greenwald's documentary about sleazy unionbusting at Starbucks debuted the same day as Starbucks new Twitter campaign, so he hijacked the campaign to spread information about Starbucks' bad labor practices.

On a blog post published at the anti-Starbucks website Brave New Films created, people were encouraged to take pictures of themselves in front of Starbucks stores holding signs targeted at the company's "anti-labor practices." These users are then told to upload these photos onto Twitpic and tweet them out to their followers using the hashtags #top3percent and #starbucks. According to the post, these are the official hashtags that were designated by Starbucks itself for those who wanted to enter its contest. Within hours, several people had followed these guidelines and there were dozens of Twitpics in front of stores across the country.

As of this writing, the anti-Starbucks YouTube video has amassed over 30,000 views and was featured on the front page of social news site Digg. Greenwald said that Brave New Films is not done with its offensive against the coffee company, but he was hesitant to reveal his next steps.

Anti-Starbucks filmmakers hijack the coffee company's own Twitter marketing campaign

(Thanks, Simon!)

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Interesting news coming from Detroit: Two official plans are being proposed to City Council to turn swaths of the city—we're talking acres upon acres—into the world's largest urban farms. Seems like a smart idea, but one that, to me, waves a red flag as well.

One proposal would bring a commercial farm to the city center, and be among the most ambitious urban farms we've ever heard of. The other would function similarly, but would train…

Turning Detroit Into Urban Farms: The Best Solution for Everyone? thumbnail

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guest post by Burstein!

Wild Style City is a great website by Earthmine that allows you to explore San Francisco and tag virtual graffiti on various city surfaces. The work you create stays on the virtual version of San Francisco so you can see the evolution of the street art.

Wild Style City

Thanks to Michael Prados for the tip!

This is a blog post from Laughing Squid.

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Wild Style City Allows You To Tag Virtual Graffiti Around San Francisco

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