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Chloë Bass is an artist, curator and community organizer based in Brooklyn. She is the co-lead organizer for Arts in Bushwick (, which produces the ever-sprawling Bushwick Open Studios, BETA Spaces, and performance festival SITE Fest, which she founded. Recent artistic work has been seen at SCOPE Art Fair, CultureFix, the Bushwick Starr Theater, Figment, and The Last Supper Art Festival, as well as in and around the public spaces of New York City. She has guest lectured at Parsons, the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and Brooklyn College. Other moments have found her co-cheffing Umami: People + Food, a 90 person private supper club; growing plants with Boswyck Farms (; and curating with architecture gallery SUPERFRONT ( Chloë holds a BA in Theater Studies from Yale University, and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) from Brooklyn College.

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Guerilla Banner Artist Displays Latest Work on New Museum

by ANIMAL on April 9, 2009 at 11:01 am

please-new-museumDuring the press preview for the New Museum’s triennial exhibition, “Younger Than Jesus,” someone hung a giant banner stating “Please, New Museum, Show My Work” on the facade outside. “It was soon removed, but across the street a painting with the same plea was seen on the ground.” The perpetrator is unknown making this apparent PR stunt a flop. Video by Loren J. Munk via Hrag Vartanian



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This feels like an accurate composite of the way people think about the visual world.

YouTube appropriation abounds these days. Artist Josh Poehlein has created a series of landscape collages complied only out of screen grabs from YouTube videos.

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I want to say a really super big thanks to Ken Tomita from all of us here at Eyebeam for reblogging, and helping us through a little bit of a bumpy transition to our new system.

And now for a big hello to Lisa Baldini, our new reblogger for the next two weeks! Lisa Baldini is a curator and writer based in New York. Shortly after receiving her degree in Art History from the State University of New York at Purchase in 2005, she began curating independently in New York and Chicago. Wanting to marry her interests in technology, visual arts and performance, she started the Power Series in 2007. Currently, she is the Arts Editor for and is the Assistant Director at GOLDEN in Chicago. In 2010 she will complete her master’s degree at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

People: Lisa Baldini
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earth cut away by cole gerst

Engrave Your Book is back in action! After discovering that laser engraving art directly onto PVC Moleskines is an unsafe manufacturing process, we’ve developed USA-made leather covers which slip seamlessly over Moleskine notebooks. Not only do the leather covers look incredible engraved, they’re reusable and will only get better with age. Currently, we are only offering pocket-size covers; the large covers will be available early February.

The cover above, by Option-G, is just one of many featured designs in the new artist series. The designs below are by Justine Ashbee, Dan Funderburgh, Cole Gerst, and Alisha Wessler.
covers by ashbee, funderburgh, gerst, and wessler

We use only the highest quality full-grain cowhides. These hides are tanned with natural bark tannins and contain no harmful chromium. The leather is undyed and will age gracefully, eventually becoming a treasured heirloom. The elastic strap of the Moleskine notebook slips through the inside flap of the cover allowing the notebook to be closed securely.
leather cover images

Check out to see the complete artist series or to design your own custom cover. Thank you for all your support in 2008! I look forward to working with you in 2009!


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As I ponder the future for Project Chaboo I realize I missed a lot of people. There are many many brilliant artists out there with great energy. Hopefully for round two I will find them all.  I met illustrator Kalina Torino at the show- a couple months too late, unfortunately. Her work is super cool- check it out!

Awww CUTE!  She tells me her characters are inspired by real people- I think pineapple girl is her. Shes been putting her characters into “suits” that can be hilarious.   Who wears a lobster?  Honestly… come on… haha.  I like the drooping things she has going in her backgrounds.  We discussed perhaps having them laser cut in the future and layering her paintings.  MMMmm lasers…

I love the humor quality in her work. Her very funny personality comes out in her drawings. I envy that actually, furniture is not very funny- at least mine isnt… Id like to find a way to make my work more fun… like me ;P

Here she paints by hand, rather than digital.  Its cool that she does both.  Shes going to paint on some natural edge wood scraps I have from Project Chaboo and Im going to make them move.  Kalina has big time positive enthusiasm, talent, and fun ideas- Im looking forward to tagging along for the ride!  Stay tuned…

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cantilever hall table.

bloodwood, quartersawn white oak, hardware.
constructed 2007.







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My friend Max Brown designed a great 3D Moleskine icon set in Google Sketchup

Click here to download

You are free to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the icons under the following conditions:

Attribution. You must attribute the work to Max Brown /

Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Creative Commons License
moleskine icons set by Max Brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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"Alisha Wessler’s drawings are little vignettes of organic beauty: figures and fauna emerge from densely patterned masses that evoke the plants and landscape where they reside. They are successful often in the way that they deny expectations. Her drawings are small but panoramic, decorative yet expansive, and dense while still providing the viewer’s eye room to explore."

- from the recent interview with Owen Hunter
Splash Image
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dale lloyd is one of the most prolific curatorial publishers and experimental artists on the scene. In 2001, he founded and/OAR, a recording label focused on

presenting unique environmental recordings, sound art, avant-garde and electronic music. From 2001 to 2005, Dale produced the highly regarded series of field recording compilations for

The sound work of Dale Lloyd has been released by labels such as and/OAR, Overheard And Rendered, Alluvial Recordings, Bremsstrahlung Recordings, Conv, Sirr.ecords, Non Visual Objects, Sonic Arts Network, Mu label, Mystery Sea, Petite Sono, S’Agita Recordings, Staalplaat / Open Circuit, Leerraum, Tiramizu, Accretions, Psyclone,, æ, World Domination / CZ Records, Praxis, Space Age Recordings, Shadow Puppet Recording Company, Labile Music, Throat, and Sonicabal. Links to MP3 works can be found on the DISCOGRAPHY page of this site, and have been issued by 12k / Term, EARlabs, Bremsstrahlung Recordings / Trans>parent Radiation, Stasisfield, Tiln Digital Diffusion, and among others.

Dale has been kind enough to provide an interview for my personal blog which you can read here. In addition to all the outstanding accomplishments listed in his bio, Dale is a genuine guy who has always taken the time to say hello and offer good advice. Part of my reason for interviewing Dale and other label owners is to provide a link between fresh young artists and masters of the craft. I hope this interview provides some insight about Dale’s labels, the artist that he publishes and the path to success in the evolving music industry.

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b-and-n_iconic_panelsWant to pretty up your place but really could do without wallpaper? The pasting, the smoothing out, the shouting match between you and your significant other…it’s ok. We understand. That’s why we’re all excited about the mountable laminate panels that B&N Industries has produced. The Iconic Panels are way cooler than any wood paneling we remember from childhood and come in designs named Carnaby, Hitchcock, and even, Helvetica (guess what that one looks like!). The sixteen textured designs encompass a range of styles from pleasing curvy designs to wildly drawn lines that would give us vertigo if we had to eat breakfast near them.



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