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Chloë Bass is an artist, curator and community organizer based in Brooklyn. She is the co-lead organizer for Arts in Bushwick (, which produces the ever-sprawling Bushwick Open Studios, BETA Spaces, and performance festival SITE Fest, which she founded. Recent artistic work has been seen at SCOPE Art Fair, CultureFix, the Bushwick Starr Theater, Figment, and The Last Supper Art Festival, as well as in and around the public spaces of New York City. She has guest lectured at Parsons, the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and Brooklyn College. Other moments have found her co-cheffing Umami: People + Food, a 90 person private supper club; growing plants with Boswyck Farms (; and curating with architecture gallery SUPERFRONT ( Chloë holds a BA in Theater Studies from Yale University, and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) from Brooklyn College.

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Hey Artist: what's your medium:

PRO VIDER / construction worker / citizen /
person / wall-street executive / amateur
inventor / anything you can get away with /
leasing-using / rare screwballs that emerge /

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Also from Douglas Paulson (and Action Club), is ALL TOGETHER NOW!, in which Sinnerman was recorded May Day at the Rockingly Rickety Heartful Build It Green Reusable Cities residency.

Action Club Sez: "the bike parade arrived and we all made instruments: recycled trash into collaborative sound (and what wasn't trash at the beginning was picked up in pieces at the end of the night). may's mayhem; mob rule by a mob with an enormous heart of gold (bigger than the big golden debt-rock overhead). nina simone's song of warning became our moment of shared creation: a redemptive force, a joyous occasion."

I've worked made things happen with Douglas Paulson quite a bit: we met for lunch in a lake in the Czech Republic, built an unexpected atoll in the lake wedged LOST-like between the Van Wyck, the Grand Central, and the LIE, spandrelled waterborne Copenhagen, and drove paddle boats to the sea in an intense 24-hour adventure.

I think what makes his approach to participatory art work so well is A SIMPLE IDEA + INCREDIBLE ENERGY * THE NATURAL COMPLEXITY OF HUMANS LET LOOSE = WOW!

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Back on the abbreviated literature tip, Douglas Paulson brings us txt mstrpc: "a library of masterpieces condensed, distilled, transformed, re-imagined, and translated into txt."

"to read a txt mstrpc, please request one of our titles by writing to: 724 484 3684, and be sure to note which masterpiece you'd like to enjoy. kthxbye."

But here's my contribution to the lbry: A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, in 160 characters.

r cntry is abrtion

i need chzdp.

gas hurtz

mom crshd car

@ wrk:

filz 2 trash

unite wrkrz

fired by fascists.

so i sell htdgs

& form sodomite prty



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Beautiful radio hack from India. No idea what it does.

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Matt Mazzotta sez:

"Welcome to the Park Spark Project!

The Park Spark Project is the transformation of dog waste (dog poo) into energy
(methane) through a publicly fed methane digester as an interactive urban
intervention that questions our current waste system, and at the same time
creates an opportunity for others to participate in the (re)imaging of the
byproduct energy (methane).

Anywhere people are walking dogs can be a source of heat and light by
introducing a Methane Digester into the equation. As long as people are walking
dogs and throwing away dog poo, a flame can burn.

The Park Spark Project is a digester (see 'how it works' on site), which is
mostly buried underground except for a tube and a hand-crank that is above
ground, so that people can feed the digester and stir the mixture inside. The
methane created is piped to the 'eternal flame' and constantly burning. This
eternal flame will burn until someone or a group of people propose an idea to
use the heat and light of the constantly burning flame to make a public
project. (See 'Get involved' on site)'"

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Work Projects Administration in 2010

You may know about my current project, WPA 2010 (Work Projects Administration 2010)*. In this project, we are bringing back the WPA, because the government hasn't. I am currently running an office in the rural hamlet of Wassaic, New York, working with local people to determine the public projects they want in their hamlet, and then paying them to implement them. In short, we are engaged in a real fiction, running a fake government agency doing real government work.

And I am not the only one bringing back the WPA this year. Katarina Jerinic and Naomi Miller started The Work Office in 2009, offering artists the depression-era wage of $24/ week to create WPA-related art works. You can see the results of their assignments until June 3 at their office at 156 William Street, New York.

And out at Governor's Island is the Work Progress Collective, compiling recession-based imagery through focus groups, interviews, research outings, video, audio, and photographs. You can see what they are up to (and catch an amazing ferry ride to governor's island), as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swingspace Open House event on Saturday, June 5 & Sunday, June 6.

*WPA-2010 is in its last week of funding on kickstarter. The more funds, the more projects, so please consider giving. Even a $1 helps, as every pledge makes the project more visible.



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Book a Muslim

"Bookings can be placed through the internet, free of charge."

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Wochen Klausur: Intercultural Intersections

"To show that nationality and ethnic background do not have to be the main characteristics that allow a group to form identity, WochenKlausur established three interest groups whose members differ in nationality but share interests, concerns or requirements."

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Lou Gottlieb / Morningstar Ranch

Lou Gottlieb bought land so that anyone could use it for whatever they wanted. He was eventually arrested for trespassing on his own land, so he deeded his land to "God." In court, after he pledged to tell the truth "under God," he was told that he could not deed his land to God because God had no property rights in the state of California. The law requires that "the grantee must be a person, either natural or artificial, in existence at the time of the conveyance and capable of taking title."

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Jason Huff brings us the top 100 most downloaded copyright free books summarized using Microsoft Word 2008's AutoSummarize 10-sentence function. "Word has examined the document and picked the sentences most relevant to the main theme." - Word 2008

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