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Visiting Ancient Egypt

Giza 3D gives virtual tourists access to an immersive environment simulating the Great Pyramids, complete with 'ancient funeral rites’: a collaboration between Dassault Systèmes and the Harvard Peabody Museum.

The collections and repositories that these institutions house live or die as a function of the communities that animate them, whether now or in the future. And there is no inherent reason why such animation should be provided only by bona fide researchers and scholars, rather than by students of all ages, citizen scholars, collectors, or merely curious internauts.

(Historically Informed) Time Travel, Jeffrey Schnapp, Harvard MetaLab

Stanley Kubrick “Cinema’s most renowned director was also the industry’s biggest hoarder

Andy Warhol, a compulsive collector and shopaholic who never threw anything away, applied a method to his acquisitive madness. As rapidly as his stuff accumulated–cultural ephemera, source material and casette tapes–he put it in boxes, sealed and dated. The Time Capsules, arguably his most massive work, a self-portrait in the form of a miscellaneous archive, went largely unknown until his death. Every few months the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, where the collection is kept, exhumes the contents of a previously unopened Time Capsule for display.

What you should do is get a box for a month and drop everything in it and at the end of the month lock it up. Then date it and send it over to New Jersey. You should try to keep track of it, but if you can’t and you lose it that’s fine because it’s one less thing to think about, another load off your mind. - Warhol

An Archive occasionally takes the form of a landfill, with treasures buried among heaps of disorder and decomposition.

Surprise Bounty for Cleanup Artist

Harry Shunk had photographs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and he worked with some of the great artists of the late 20th century. Mr. Shunk was a recluse and a compulsive hoarder.

Their fates crossed in 2006 under the worst of circumstances: in Mr. Shunk’s West Village apartment, where his body had decomposed for about 10 days before it was found, upside down and trapped by stacks of his accumulated possessions, with only his ankles and his feet visible.

“There was a stink coming out of there that was out of this world,” recalled Mr. Kelly, 

From among the seven dumpsters worth of stuff packed floor to ceiling, the cleanup crew unearthed a trove of 2,000 major artworks including prints by Yves Klein (Leap into the Void), Andy Warhol (Monroe prints) and Christo, now part of a major collection.

Scientists are addressing the urgent task of developing a clock, in the form of a 4D crystal, that will keep time even after the universe ceases to exist.

In other words, the scientists would aim to create a ring of charged particles, with the resulting electromagnetic forces causing the structure to rotate perpetually. At its lowest quantum-energy state, also known as its ground state, the system has no disorder, or entropy, and there is no way for its entropy to increase over time. Thus, the crystal's temporal structure and timekeeping ability would continue even after the universe reached a state of “heat death,” also known as thermodynamic equilibrium, when it had devolved into entropy.

SPEED SHOW: GML show will feature a series of projects and tools around this open protocol GML. Graffiti Markup Language was originally created by Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Jamie Wilkinson and Theo Watson. SPEED SHOW:GML is part of backjumps – ‘Rock The Block’FB event!! ENJOY!!

GML = Graffiti Markup Language from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

“Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) is a universal, XML based, open file format designed to store graffiti motion data (x and y coordinates and time). The format is designed to maximize readability and ease of implementation, even for hobbyist programmers, artists and graffiti writers. Popular applications currently implementing GML include Graffiti Analysis and EyeWriter. Beyond storing data, a main goal of GML is to spark interest surrounding the importance (and fun) of open data and introduce open source collaborations to new communities. GML is intended to be a simple bridge between ink and code, promoting collaborations between graffiti writers and hackers. GML is today’s new digital standard for tomorrow’s vandals.”

at Or@nien net, Oranienstr. 185, Berlin
TUESDAY, October 2, 7pm

SPEED SHOW: GML curated by Aram Bartholl
A group show about the graffiti motion protocol Graffiti Markup Language with Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Jamie Wilkinson, Theo Watson, Golan Levin, KATSU …

I have two photographs in Peekskill Project V at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill, NY. There is a lot of great work from artists like Brandon Ballengée, Diana Cooper, Jeffrey Gibson and Ellen Harvey.

Peter Brötzmann Trio
Live at Museum Of Art, Norrköping, Sweden.
Peter Brötzmann, cl;
Peter Friis Nielsen, g;
Peeter Uuskyla, dr.
The trio is recorded by Ayler Records

(… is getting really interesting in the mid of the clip. Love this! Thx to my mother taking me to all those concerts back in the days …)

Hubble Archives the Universe in the Deepest Field yet: 


Lemme Upgrade U

Casey Reas, Signal to Noise, Software, 2012


Opening: 28. September, 7 – 9 pm
Exhibition: 29. September – 27. November 2012