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Today I am on ThreadBanger showing how to hand sew with conductive thread and LEDs to make the Robot and Friend embroidery from my book Fashion Geek.

Download the Robot and Friend pattern from ThreadBanger.

Today I am on ThreadBanger showing how to hand sew with conductive thread and LEDs to make the Robot and Friend embroidery from my book Fashion Geek.

Download the Robot and Friend pattern from ThreadBanger.

Kriegspiel screenshot

Kriegspiel screenshot

Upgrade! New York celebrates its 10th anniversary with a reception, video screening, and presentations by Upgrade alumni.

After a humble beginning in a New York bar in 1999, the Upgrade! has blossomed into an international network with over thirty nodes meeting regularly all across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. To celebrate ten years of dialog and debate on issues related to art and technology, Eyebeam and Not An Alternative will host an evening of presentations by Upgrade! alumni Alexander Galloway, Mushon Zer-Aviv, and Savi_ Ra_ovi_, and a video screening of work produced by artists from the Upgrade! International network. A reception will follow.

Alexander Galloway and Mushon Zer-Aviv will present their collaborative project, Kriegspiel, a computer game based on Guy Debord’s Game of War. Inspired by the military theory of Carl von Clausewitz and the European campaigns of Napoleon, Debord’s game is a chess-variant played by two opposing players on a game board of 500 squares arranged in rows of 20 by 25 squares. Galloway and Zer-Aviv will also discuss their plans to make the game open source.

Savi_ Ra_ovi_, a regular contributor to Upgrade! Boston, will present his work done in collaboration with Catherine D’Ignazio. Ra_ovi_ and D’Ignazio run iKatun, an organization that engages public participation in transforming the meaning and use of public space.

The presentations will be preceded by a 30-minute screening of video work from members of the Upgrade! International network.

About the Presenters
Alexander R. Galloway is an author and programmer. He is a founding member of the software collective RSG and creator of the Carnivore and Kriegspiel projects. The New York Times recently described his work as “conceptually sharp, visually compelling and completely attuned to the political moment.” Galloway is the author of Protocol: How Control Exists After Decentralization (MIT, 2004), Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture (Minnesota, 2006), and a new book cowritten with Eugene Thacker called The Exploit: A Theory of Networks (Minnesota, 2007). He teaches at New York University.

Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, an educator and a media activist from Tel-Aviv, based in NY. His work explores media in public space and the public space in media. In his creative research he focuses on the perception of territory and borders and the way they are shaped through politics, culture, networks and the World Wide Web. He is the co-founder of - an open source layer above any website; - a foxy design studio; - a dislocative tourism agency; Kriegspiel; and the Tel Aviv node of the Upgrade international network. Mushon is an honorary resident at Eyebeam - an art and technology center in New York. He teaches new media research at NYU and open source design at Parsons the New School of Design.

Savi_ Ra_ovi_ (Sasha or Pirun) was born in Titograd, Yugoslavia (now Podgorica, Montenegro) and lives and works in Cambridge, MA. Ra_ovi_ is an entrepreneur, new media artist, curator, publisher, designer, programmer, political activist, and performer. He is the co-founder with Catherine D’Ignazio of iKatun, an artist-run organization whose mission is to foster public engagement in the politics of information and a member of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things troupe that uses research and performance to investigate social and political everyday “tiny things” in order to transform public spaces dominated by corporate and political agendas.

Solo show at Charlie James Gallery “EVERYTHING YOU WANT, RIGHT NOW!” April 25 to June 6.

Everything You Want, Right Now!

Steve Lambert solo show walkthrough from Steve Lambert on Vimeo. Or on youtube.

See also Arrow Sign in Los Angeles for more.


Charlie James Gallery
975 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

As always, thanks for the support of Eyebeam!

April 15 and 16th 3-6pm
540 west 21st street,
New York NY
Join us for Eyebeam’s open studios on May 15th and 16th from 3-6pm for a showcase of Eyebeam’s latest projects and work. more info here

On May 15th and 16th, I will be showing a few of my projects at the Eyebeam Open Studios.  If you missed Praying@Home at the Mixer, you can see a simplified version of it.  I will also be revealing a new project.

Japan (2002)

Um… so… the logic of this advertisement is as follows: “Smile, while we bury you alive. You will look nice by the sea, but you will die from our product”

This is a follow up to the Graffiti Fail

Michael Mandiberg tackles the advertising parading as street art at Eyebeam yet again.

for more:


I will be bringing a bit of Project Runway to my hacker group, NYC Resistor on May 10th when we host Fashion Hacking: Open Working Studio. Come and hack fashion with us. BYOC (bring your own clothes) and we’ll have the tailoring tools, sewing machines, conductive thread, LED’s, soldering irons, and the Laser Cutter to help you hack clothes into fashionable technology. Fashion designers and hardware hackers will be on hand to help you.

This is an open working studio which means that you are free to circulate, work on your own project and look at other projects. Come to session 1, come to session 2, come to both sessions.
Session 1, 1-3 pm, $20
Session 2, 3-5 pm, $20
Buy tickets:

NYC Resistor Hackspace
397 Bridge St., Floor 5, Brooklyn, NY 11201