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As much as I like it, more than any other site the commenters on YouTube can be surprisingly, well, horrible. In my research I found this was true even on videos of the highest-of-high culture. Operas and symphonies had the same hostile, petty, and juvenile comments as nearly any other video on the site.

The commentary track I made for this video is literally the commentary from the original Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5 video, read aloud by actors.

Created for the Artists’ Space WebCast for January 2009. Thanks to Joseph Del Pesco, Scott Vermeire, Cynthia Yardley, Jeff Crouse, and Christina Kral.

About Artists’ Space YouTube Commentary Project

Like ‘special features’ commentary on a commercial dvd, The YouTube Commentary Project involves injecting ideas, critique and comments recorded by artists about a YouTube video of their choice. After overlaying the recorded audio onto the video, we upload the results back onto YouTube and present it here. It’s part of Artists Space’s new WebCast: internet and computer based cultural content co-produced with artists around the world.

This is my end of the year silly side project. Originally posted on the site.

A friend emailed me the portrait of Georges Emile Lebacq pictured below and I, like many people I know, were struck by the similarity. Somehow we started looking for other paintings to match our modern day friends. (I have done this before with finding stock photography doppelgangers of friends, but no one liked it.)

This is a play on a Ze Frank project called Young Me Now Me where people recreated pictures of themselves when they were younger.

See the whole project at

On Tuesday December 23rd IFC’s “Media Project” wil have a four minute segment featuring The Yes Men’s role in the New York Times Special Edition.

American University of Beirut (AUB), Beirut
Friday October 19th, 2008

For the first time, I will be giving a talk back in my home school that will be entitled Technology as Identity. The talk is part of the Architecture and Design school lecture series and is Friday the 19th at 6.30pm at the ALH.

Issue 3 of Proximity Magazine includes an interview with Steve Lambert by James H. Ewert, Jr.

JHEJR: What was the first prank you ever pulled off?

SL: In 8th grade, I realized that if I ran for class president, I got to give a speech in front of the whole school, and they had to listen to me. I ran really just so I could have a couple minutes to talk to the whole school with a microphone.

Read it all at the Proximty Magazine site.

We stopped by Talkshow247 for a little while.  It was fun.

We kicked off the Eyebeam Roadshow two weeks ago in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at University of Iowa, in the Studio Arts department.  We started a Flickr group for the photos.

We had a great time in Iowa.  Everyone was super nice, and we built an awesome fort in the Studio Arts Building, which was, awesomely, a former Home Depot (but they call it Manards in Iowa — silly Iowans).

Steve Lambert and I did a “The Web for Artists” workshop.  Jamie O’Shea and Christina Kral did a circuit bending workshop, and Steve did a Shopdropping workshop.  It was a great start to the Roadshow.

The New York Times has just released a special edition about the end of the war and is handing it out all over the streets of New York.  There is a video about it.  Go and digg it immediately.  The site is a little slow because it is getting hit really hard.  So be patient.  Or, if you live in New York, just go to Manhattan and get yourself a print edition.

Woooo!  It’s finally over!

What has been your most extreme weather experience?

Describe it here.