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Graham Harwood

Graham Harwood presented his projects and collaborations, including his Eyebeam commission with MediaShed, and work with free media. Joined by the Eyebeam Production Fellows, his collaborators on his commissioned piece with Eyebeam, Harwood presented Gearbox, an open source video editing resource.

A representative from Picture New York made a special appearance to discuss proposed restrictions on photographing rights in public space.

Simple Text

Eyebeam R&D OpenLab Fellow Jonah Brucker-Cohen presented his and Tim Redfern’s SimpleTEXT: A Cell Phone Enabled Interactive Performance.

The event was free and open to the public. Guests were invited to bring their cell phone to take part!

real cost

Eyebeam Resident Michael Mandiberg presented a talk and workshop about his new project Real Costs. Attendees were encouraged to bring a laptop to play along. Programming knowledge was useful.

This hybrid talk/workshop included a 30 minute presentation of the project, and how it related to Michael’s previous work, followed by guided mod’ing of the script. Michael provided a focused walk through of the code, and then set everyone free to make some modifications and provided feedback for the project.

Michael Mandiberg is an artist, computer programmer and rogue economist who uses the Internet, video and performance to explore subjectivity, labor and commerce. Michael’s most recent project, Oil Standard created a browser plug-in that converts all prices on any web page to their equivalent value in barrels of oil. He will continue this vein of work at Eyebeam, employing devices such as Firefox plug-ins and open API platforms to highlight real environmental costs in a global economy.

leon reid

Presenting a discussion and critique with Open City artist Leon Reid IV.

Reid presented his talk “The Call to Duty in the 21st Century”. How has the practice of street art redeemed the position of the Artist in contemporary society? Take a ride through history with street artist Leon Reid (Darius Jones) and explore what art has meant to civilizations of the past, where it got lost in contemporary Western society, and how the street artist is redefining what it means to be an “Artist”.


A celebrity-centric Upgrade! with artists Jillian Mcdonald and Eyebeam Resident Jamie O’shea.

Jillian McDonald, famous for “Me and Billy Bob,” presented old and new work which focuses on the subcultures that drive the celebrity and horror film industries. She showed a DVD, some quicktime files, a data-driven web project and more dvd.  Jamie O’Shea performed an extraordinarily efficient art experience at precisely 8:22:22 on 2/22. An entire performance, narrated by Corey Sullivan, took place within 1/5 of a second. Jamie’s automated memory process created an indelible, and effortless, impression of this instant. Jamie writes: ” This Thursday, at 8:22:22 on 2/22, we will be presenting a 1/5th of a second performance, perhaps the most efficient art experience currently available. The automated memory process will be narrated by Corey Sullivan, and take place precisely on time in reference to the official U.S. time for the Eastern time zone. We guarantee that your memory of this instant will be indelible and effortless.”

Upgrade! is an international network of gatherings concerning art, technology and community. Founded in New York in 1999, Upgrade! has grown into an international, emerging network of more than 20 autonomous nodes spread around the globe and united by art, technology and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. Eyebeam is honored to support the New York node of Upgrade!

The Upgrade! International

Eyebeam is pleased to host the first gathering of the Upgrade! International through Sept. 24. The Upgrade! is a monthly gathering of media artists, curators, theorists and educators that fosters dialogue and creates opportunities for collaboration within the media arts community. The Upgrade! was founded by media artist Yael Kanarek in New York in 1999 and has spread into a global network of associated gatherings. This event/exhibition is an opportunity to lfrom organizers and see work presented in each location, while gaining a sense of the range of manifestations of the Upgrade! model. Participating groups are from: New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Boston, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Munich, Oklahoma City, Istanbul and Chicago

Show September 16-24 Tues-Sat, 12-6pm Documentation of works by 131 artists who participate at Upgrades! around the world. Representing: Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Munich, New York, Oklahoma City, Scotland, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Vancouver.

Gather Friday, September 23 7:30-9:00 pm Sala-Manca Group performs Elephants on Metula’s Nights and discusses their practice at our monthly gathering. The Sala-Manca Group is comprised of Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman, Argentine-Israeli artists who have been creating work in performance, video, installation and new media since 2000. Sala-manca’s works deal with the poetics of translation, Yiddish culture, the tensions between low-tech and high-tech aesthetics, as well as social and political issues.

Share Saturday, September 24

12:00-7:00 pm How does each Upgrade form its presence and community? What is the potential of the network? Join artists, curators and organizers for two panels, lecture and party.

12:00 pm: Introduction and welcome.

12:10 pm: The New York Upgrade! story with media artist Yael Kanarek and director of education at Eyebeam Liz Slagus.

12:45 pm: Artist-Run Upgrades! with Tiffany Holmes, Chicago; Tamiko Thiel, Munich; Adam Brown, Oklahoma City; Mushon Zer-Aviv and Sala-Manca Group, Tel Aviv; Kate Armstrong, Vancouver. Moderated by Yael Kanarek.

2:45-3:15 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Art + Tech Organizations Upgrades! with Jo-Anne Green and Catherine D’Ignazio, Boston; Cezanne Charles, Robb Mitchell and Michelle Kasprzak, Scotland; Suhjung Hur, Seoul; tobias c. van Veen, Montreal. Moderated by Liz Slagus.

5:15 pm: “NETWORKS, AGENCY, PROPERTY and POLICY: Practical thoughts on the emergence of new global cultural formations” — closing talk by leading scholar of media arts Michael Century.

6:00 pm: After-party with music by artist/DJ tobias c. van Veen.

This event was open to the public free of charge.