Recent Projects


Buckys are a series of snowglobes about the hopeless possibilities of sustainability based on consumption and green capitalism.


Any conversation about the environment inevitably comes to the automobile. Automobiles are essential to the lives of most New York City residents, but with these benefits come serious consequences: polluted air, dangerous roads, noise and congestion.

The connection between the automobile, life and air in NewYork City is explored through Cloud Car, a car fitted with special effects equipment that produces a cloud of mist, enveloping car and rider. As a public artwork, Cloud Car focuses attention on air and the automobile with a cloud of mist. Air is made tangible and visible.

At designated times, in-person guides will be stationed near the car, distributing fact sheets related to air quality issues and encouraging passers-by to discuss the environment, automobiles and traffic in the city. Visitors will be invited to sit in the car accompanied by a guide and listen to sound compositions related to the environment on the car stereo. The car becomes as a semi-private space of contemplation and exchange.

Scheduled dates and locations:

September 19th - Park(ing) day test drive, 21st street and 43rd Avenue, Long Island City Queens

October 18th, 12-6PM - Eyebeam Block Party, Chelsea in conjunction with The Ear to the Earth Festival

November 1st, 10AM-3PM - The New York Hall of Science, Queens in conjunction with The Ear to the Earth Festival

By Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga.

This project is made possible (in part) with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts



The Co-op Bar offers a low-level investment and community space in the form of a co-operatively owned bar. Investors contribute bottles of liquor and receive a return on their investment and a discount at the bar. As an artist or supporter of the arts, when you buy a drink at the Co-op Bar you are putting money back into the local arts community. A percentage of the profits from the bar go toward supporting mini-grants given directly to artists, the production of artist publications, and other services.

As of 2007, The Co-op Bar was able to raise roughly $2000 in mini-grants for artists.


For the connection between hands and digital data, a
software/hardware-based modular user interface was created.
The interactive surface senses touch, multiple contact points, allowing
for multi-finger dual-hand forms of
interaction. The software visualizes and represents the data emulating
physical characteristics that align with tactile expectations of the

More information can be found:


Instructions on how to talk to anyone, written by hand. Based on an earlier project. Simple instructions, easy to follow.


Invisible Threads is a mixed reality performance installation created by Eyebeam artists Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg. The project explores the growing intersection between labor, emerging virtual economies and real life commodities through the creation of a designer jeans sweatshop in the metaverse Second Life (SL). Simulating a real life manufacturing facility that includes hiring SL “workers” to produce real world jeans sold for profit, the project provides an insider’s view into current modes of global, telematic production.


TouchKit is a modular multitouch development kit with the aim to make multitouch readily available in an open source fashion to the masses.  It is a sister project of the CUBIT multitouch system and aimed at rapid implementation of multitouch projects.



Bombs (from 2d mat board) were be placed in iconic locations of bomb threats in hopes of opening a discussion of what is terrorism vs. fear and how interchangeable are the words. Where is the line between rational and unrational occur? How does a society begin to learn to cope with the unknown by being logical?


The text is currently being pulled from xml into openframworks dynamically displaying in real time peoples answers to the question ‘what would you take if you could only take one object out of a fire?’

the interface is then being projected onto a wooden board where I have laser cut a floorplan of the typical american house. The answers shift around depending on activity on the blog and gender specific answers (boys are black, girls pink).


"the marionettes" is a networked puppet installation created with the new standalone (and soon opensourced) version of moviesandbox and displayed for the eyebeam reception for the shanghai media art fair symposium in new york

Two networked puppets can be controlled by hardware marionette controllers. Participants can interact with each other through their puppets without seeing each other in person.

The controllers are a bit more sophisticated right now, albeit not really tweaked enough in terms of distances etc... There are some more picture on flickr here.