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F.A.T. GOLD: Five Years of Free Art & Technology
Curated by Lindsay Howard
April 1–20, 2013

"The free software and arts communities are filled with people motivated not just by money but by the act of creation and a drive to make meaningful, or at least functional, contributions to society," writes F.A.T. Lab co-founder Evan Roth in his recent essay, Artist Hacker: From Free Software to Fine Art. Inspired by the philosophy put forth by Roth, Eyebeam hosted a panel on Thursday April 4 from 7:00pm–8:30pm called "Artists as Hackers". The discussion brought together Roth and F.A.T. Fellows Aram Bartholl, Tobias Leingruber, James Powderly, and Addie Wagenknecht, moderated by Christiane Paul, for a look at how hacker culture has influenced a new generation of artists.

Cast: Eyebeam Art + Technology Center

Tags: F.A.T. Lab, F.A.T. GOLD, Eyebeam, Evan Roth, Aram Bartholl, Tobias Leingruber, James Powderly, Addie Wagenknecht and Christiane Paul

Dominique Moulon a déniché via F.A.T Lab un projet NSFW (et artistique) : les austro-américains Pablo Garcia & Addie Wagenknecht ont demandé à des sexcamers (sex + webcam) de poser d'après des tableaux de nus célèbres. Une manière de questionner les notions de beauté et d’art majeur.

Cast: La Gaîté Lyrique

Tags: la gaîté lyrique, gaîté live, l'oeil de links, webcam venus, sexcam, paintings, art nudes and net art

A Project by Pablo Garcia & Addie Wagenknecht

If asked if there is a difference between the Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus (1486) and a Playboy magazine centerfold, most might say it's no contest: one is art and the other exploitative pornography. One is a treasure of human ideals and achievement, the other smut. Are Botticelli and Hugh Hefner really that different? Both project fantasy and erotic imagery through the media of their day. Both are vehicles of gender politics, defining standards of beauty and sexuality. What if adult performers—already mediated sex objects—struck “classic” poses? In Webcam Venus, we asked online sexcam performers to replicate iconic works of fine art.

In Webcam Venus, we asked online sexcam performers to replicate iconic works of art. This piece is an experimental homage to both fine art and the lowbrow internet phenomenon of cams. Sexcams use webcams and chat interfaces to connect amateur adult performers with an audience. Users log on to see men, women, transsexuals, couples and groups broadcast their bodies and sexuality live for the public, often performing for money. To create this experiment in high and low media, we assumed anonymous handles and spent a few hours each day for a month asking performers: “Would you like to pose for me?”

Cast: Pablo Garcia and Addie Wagenknecht

Tags: pablo garcia, addie wagenknecht, webcam, webcams, sexcam, cybersex, fine art, art history, web performance, IRL, NIRL and webcam venus

What if p2p culture was equal. What if these sites had been designed to for girls? The goal of GIRLS vs _root is to present an experience on websites typically dominated by male contributors. Currently the add-on works by replacing every username on sites such as with a female username (example: Sarah212) and female avatar. Additionally, Pirate Bay becomes 'Princess Bay" and the typical breast laden-porn ads while searching are replaced ads for 'David Beckham for H&M'. To contribute code visit:

Cast: Addie Wagenknecht

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For this project I was invited to create 8 second videos that would appear among advertising on a giant screen in Toronto. Working on a giant screen that distributes advertising presented some ethical challenges – I've been vocal about being against these kinds of screens in public spaces. But what an opportunity! So I tried to figure out how, in 8 seconds, I could get people to stop looking at the ads.

Each of the videos begins with the words "CLOSE YOUR EYES" and then a short statement:


The piece earnestly asks people to stop looking, pull back, see a larger picture, and imagine impossible things. While it's absurd to ask for such things on a giant billboard in the middle of the city, I ask anyway. It's awkward and out of place, and perhaps a chuckle relieves some anxiety, but the idea lingers and the request remains: "will you close your eyes and imagine?"

Yonge and Edward, just north of Dundas Square
Toronto, Canada
Ran from November 5-13, 2011

More at:

Cast: Steve Lambert

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