Recent Videos

Dirt Party @ Eyebeam

In 2007, Dave and I performed Dirt Party at the Eyebeam 10th Anniversary benefit.

Cast: Jeff Crouse

Invisible Threads - 3 minute version

This is the 3-minute version of "10 steps to your own Virtual Sweatshop", which is also available on my vimeo channel.

Cast: Jeff Crouse

the easier way

A 2 minute movie edited from the Prelinger Archive that looks at the relationship between technology and man: illusion, promise, consumption, addiction.

Cast: ayah bdeir

Les Années Lumière ( 14/2/05 - 14/5/08 )

A bird's eye view of the
lights that shook Lebanon.
3 years and 3 months,
compacted to 45 minutes.

22 x 30 inches
Electronics on Canvas

Cast: ayah bdeir

Instant Party // HACKSHOP at Eyebeam

Saturday Afternoon at Eyebeam

December 13, 2008


Cast: christina kral

openframeworks @ eyebeam

A collection of projects developed at eyebeam art and technology center, NY, using the openframeworks library.

more info at

Includes work created by eyebeam fellows, interns and workshop participants: rui pereira, jeff crouse and david jimison, friedrich kirschner, addie wagenknecht and stefan hechenberger, jeremy rotsztain and eric rosenbaum.

Cast: openFrameworks

FLOSS Book Sprint: Digital Foundations

Eyebeam and FLOSS manuals got together to host the Digital Foundations FLOSSify book sprint! What does this mean?

It means that a group of artists and volunteers got together to translate the entire Digital Foundations text from an Adobe CS-based book to one that uses nothing but free, open-source software. All of the same exercises, all of the same design principles, but taught in step-by-step detail using free software anyone can download.

check out the whole FLOSS manuals page:

and check out the rest of the Digital Foundations book:

Cast: Michael Mandiberg

This is a demo on how to use ABSML - a markup language Jeff Crouse and I invented at Eyebeam. If you're looking at this now, it probably wont make a lot of sense, but that's what you get for being an early bird. We'll have more info out soon.