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Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, 2008

Eyebeam 2008 reel, edited by Eyebeam alum Gerry Juárez.

Cast: Rebecca Cittadini

Reware your PDA

This video introduces the Reware project for repurposing PDAs and other devices. Learn about the Reware project, see how to easily install GNU/Linux and Pd on your Palm TX, and see some example projects.

Video by Albert Wilking

Cast: Hans-Christoph Steiner

First Linux Boot on Palm

This is a progress report for the project Reware, about building new firmwares for old devices. The SD card is a standard SD card, I just copied cocoboot, a Linux kernel, and a root filesystem image to the card. Then I ran the cocoboot Palm app to boot it.

This is part of my project Reware to make easy-to-use, easy-to-hack images for PDAs, iPods and other old devices. You can find out more here:

The music is "Untitled 1" by Melodium, on their "Hum hum & bla bla ep".

Cast: Hans-Christoph Steiner

Invisible Threads - 3 minute version

This is the 3-minute version of "10 steps to your own Virtual Sweatshop", which is also available on my vimeo channel.

Cast: Jeff Crouse

Video promo for MIXER underground: November 8, 2008 In JooYoun...
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Six Walls

JooYoun Paek

MIXER underground promo: November 8, 2008

In JooYoun Paek's Six Walls, performers synchronously move within a space of six-foot walls, creating between them a “living room” that reacts both to the people that inhabit it, and to the music of the event. Fed up by being a wallflower at parties, Paek said she created a wearable structure that transforms the human body into a wall as a party costume, and choreographed movements of six wall performers to engage with the party crowd in an absurd way.

Cast: Rebecca Cittadini

Eyebeam resident artist Adrianne Wortzel
with Soyoung Park, Saki...
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