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Installed in Braddock, PA during Points of Interests on april.2008. Our Laberinto was made out of founded palettes, tires and free scaffolding found on craigslist. It took 5 days to build and excessive amounts of pink paint. The structure connect and abandoned hotel and and abandoned house. You can see the structure from a deck in between buildings. To get out of the labyrinth the players had to tell a story about the last time they got lost.

Cast: ChocolateRobot

The Light-Mobs

Light-mobs are actions communicated between participants in morse code. To participate you have to deposit your mobile inside the LighCoder bag.. and learn and practice morse code to recover it.

We sort of fail at the very end. But was fun and for a second we do felt a bit of desperation.

The Pocket Light coder is the portable version of the LightCoder. The goal: to bring attention to our blind faith in digital technology as choice for communication and interaction.

Cast: ChocolateRobot

Dirt Party @ Eyebeam

In 2007, Dave and I performed Dirt Party at the Eyebeam 10th Anniversary benefit.

Cast: Jeff Crouse

BoozBot Demo

BoozBot is a super-intelligent bar tending robot. This was the beta version, but the new version should be dropping shortly.

Cast: Jeff Crouse

Eyebeam resident artist: Adrianne Wortzel

Team: Soyoung Park,...

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the easier way

A 2 minute movie edited from the Prelinger Archive that looks at the relationship between technology and man: illusion, promise, consumption, addiction.

Cast: ayah bdeir

Instant Grant Program

We raised $100 each.

Together we had $1000 in cash.

Then we gave it all away in the park.

Cast: Steve Lambert