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Ink Scanner by Friedich Kirshner

An inflatable pool filled with ink, scans your body as you go deep in the water. The volume of your body is captured by a software written by Friedich in Open Frameworks and his own tool: MovieSandbox

Cast: ChocolateRobot

Video interview with Amanda McDonald Crowley about the workshops associated with the Feedback exhibition.

Video by commissioned artist, Jason Jones, Not an Alternative

Bucky I

A snowdome loaded with money, technology and nature.

Cast: ChocolateRobot

Tools for the end of the world: LightCoder

Pocket LightCoder: In case of disaster point it to the sun and ask for help. Or just send a secret message.

Cast: ChocolateRobot

Introduction to Add-Art

Screencast introduction to Add-Art, the Firefox Extension that replaces ads with art. Now compatible with Firefox 3.

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Cast: Steve Lambert, Jamie Dubs

MIXER, Eyebeam's new series dedicated to showcasing leading performing...
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