6:30PM - 9PM
$250 for 6 workshop sessions

This workshop series led by Eyebeam Fellow Kaho Abe is for artists, designers and hobbyists interested in starting to think about and explore alternative physical interfaces that can be used in games, toys or interactive art projects.

Projects: Beyond the Joystick
People: Kaho Abe
Research: Game Design
Tags: games, physical computing, workshops

What is it?

Ninja Shadow Warrior will be a stand alone arcade game built with a screen and webcam. The goal is to fill out the shadow of an object as accurately as possible. The scores based on accuracy are kept on a leader board. The game structure of Ninja Shadow Warrior naturally supports face-to-face interaction, as more details can be filled out when more people are playing at once. This game will experiment with crowd sourcing content for the shadow object database.

How do you play it?

Project Created: 
October 2010

These day, most games are played on computers and consoles, often alone or with people online. Mary Mack 5000 is a game designed to harness the power of technology to encourage face-to-face interaction between the players, and also among the spectators. Technology doesn’t have to be isolating. We have taken a little girl’s game and reintroduced it as a hyper, metal-rocker games so more people can play it. No, it’s not just your little sister’s game anymore!

Collaboration with Lina Fenequito.

Music by Ray Mancini, Sergey Popovich.

Project Created: 
June 2010

DIGITAL DAY CAMP is a summer intensive program for youth enrolled in public or private high school. DDC provides a unique, creative, and hands-on learning experience in applied art and technology, where teenagers will engage with professional working artists, technologists, designers, and educators in the areas of gaming, electronics, coding, music, and more.

JULY 8 - AUGUST 2, 2013 

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Once upon a time being alone meant you were unable to play a decent game of rock-paper-scissors, but now you can finally amuse yourself with just your own hand.


Looking for that dream job in the computer game industry but don't have the technical skills to make it happen? Throw that mouse or joystick aside and try the new webcam-enabled training exercises from the School of Perpetual Training. If you like to play Dig Dug, train for a job in mineral mining. Or if Tetris is more your speed, train for a job in global shipping and distribution. The motion tracking programs are simple and easy to use. The online interface lets you train again and again until you're satisfied with your global market value. Don't waste another minute. Get started today!

School of Perpetual Training

School of Perpetual Training, an ironic edutainment website, exposes the underbelly and not so glamorous side of the computer video game industry. An animated personal trainer leads eager job seekers through a series of webcam game training exercises for outsourced jobs in digital game manufacturing and global distribution. Classic arcade games such as Dig Dug and Space Invaders are redesigned to train job seekers for positions in mineral mining and printed circuit board assembly. Pushing joystick and mouse aside, the webcam interface utilizes motion detection requiring full range of body motion to play. Through the relationship of physical labor for virtual gain, the reality of the actual physical, labor critical to running virtual worlds is made visible.

School of Perpetual Training was created through an Eyebeam Residency and is a 2009 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site.

Project Created: 
April 2009

Vahida Ramujkic, born in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. With Rotorrr (, a collective founded in 2001, Ramujkic has a initiated and participated in a series of experiments in "terrestrial water and air" environments that are favorable to the generation of tools and terrains for social interaction, bottom-up self-organization and community generation. Their explorations engage technologies and methodologies such as mappings, collaborative games, manuals, guides and tours. Ramujkic is also completing a long-term investigation concerning the bureaucracy of EU immigration policies, due to be published as a book in Spring 2006.

Ramujkic's residency is in conjunction with Hangar Centre de Producció d’Arts Visuals in Barcelona.

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Tags: games, mapping, participatory
Partner Organizations: Hangar
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