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Trading Glances allows people to trade glances separated in time. The installation consists of a screen displaying faces streaming by as if the viewer were passing people in the street.

As the viewer watches the other person's face, the system records their face and precise eye movements. Later their face is added to this stream of faces in the installation and on the project web site. People can go to the site to see who glanced at them and replay exactly how another person's gaze travels across their face. Ones' eye movements can betray very private preferences and yet they are usually publicly viewable. This project tries to invade the privacy of the person doing the surveillance.

Project Created: 
January 2003

O'Sullivan is an associate professor at ITP, the interactive media program in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He developed the classes, the show and the lab for Physical Computing at ITP and is currently the area head for Networking and Computational Media. At NYU he has also been an Interval Research Fellow and research scientist for Intel, Microsoft and NYNEX.

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