filtered B-field VLF recordings with loop antenna, outside
Eyebeam on West 21st Street. most of what you hear is 60-cycle
that's so strong it won't filter out; on occasion, in vlfeye2
and 4 for example, other signals seem to come through.

VLF is always mysterious, nothing more so than B-field!

we're all being magnetized, hopefully irregularly!



Full bandwidth version of crystal radiodetuning and resonance
in the Eyebeam window gallery installation going down tomorrow -
always fascinated by the sounds; in this case, you're hearing
pretty much what the piece sounded like from the storage room
behind the window. recorded with Zoom H2.


i did hear that:
i appear ravaged.
this must stop.
i know i will be murdered.
my work is sound, its fury.
what is visible has been killed.
i am dead from them.
i am dead to them.
therefore i appear ravaged.


radio sound from Eyebeam: eyeb mp3 files.

each file N is followed by N+1 which is signal-processed; check out for example

standard spark-gap transmissions were set with and signal-processed at

equipment: Zoom set to mono mp3/320, Radioshack 1980 Patrolman radio with VHF, UHF bands, CoolEdit for processing.



Donate to The Best Show on WFMU and win “Unstoppable” the Grand Prize for the The Best Show on WFMU’s 2011 fundraising marathon.

Unstoppable by Steve Lambert

The details:


Start Date: 
14 Sep 2004
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Silent Project used multiple audio transmission technologies to broadcast music to individuals rather than to a group. Each participant heard a simultaneous broadcast of music, similar to what he or she would experience as a concert-goer, but this experience was internalized and isolated through entirely private audio devices. As a result, visitors who are not participating in the technology experienced the performance only as audience members.

People: Kevin McHugh
Tags: sound art, radio, event
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