on good days

i dream of hitler youth and grey soviet masses
i dream of nameless american troops and everywhere people marching
i dream of jagged assyrian warriors and batak sacrifices
everyone i know is deeply anonymous and wrecking
i dream of salvage and wrecking and dams holding back debris
i dream of walking in collapsed buildings and furious suicides
on good days i dream of drownings and medicated deaths
i dream police-tape barriers holding back the artifices of destruction
i dream of those artifices
on good days i dream of names in ash and broken mouths and screams
everyone i know is broken and everything is going under
on good days i dream this crime will be solved

Tags: pain, war, crime
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Arrangements, 2004

From the Press Release:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 16th 14:00 [class will start at 15:00]

Location: Tschaikowskistraße 51, 13156 Berlin, Germany


Based on Actual Event (2003)

Three-channel video installation

Reynold Reynolds's three-channel video installation, Based on an Actual Event, looks at the fictional portrayal of American military forces in 20th century war. While each film simulates an actual event, each new war simulates previous wars as shown in popular films. Conceptions of war become reality through the depiction of war as entertainment.

Reynolds is a filmmaker living and working in New York City. His films have been screened at the Sundance, Rotterdam and New York Film Festivals, among others. He received an MFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and has studied film and physics at the University of Colorado, Bould

Project Created: 
March 2003

In 1978 the French Situationist Guy Debord designed and fabricated a board game called “The Game of War.” Thirty years later RSG resurrects this largely forgotten work, translating the game rules from French to Java and releasing it as a free online computer game.

Kriegspiel is produced by RSG. Founded in 2000, RSG is a collective of programmers and artists working on experimental software products.

Kriegspiel production team:

Alexander R. Galloway, producer and programming
Carolyn Kane, research
Adam Parrish, programming
Daniel Perlin, sound
DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, music
Mushon Zer-Aviv, design

Project Created: 
May 2008
People: Adam Parrish, Alexander Galloway, Carolyn Kane, Daniel Perlin, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, Mushon Zer-Aviv
Project Type: Activism, Game, Open Source, Software
Tags: game, game art, Guy Debord, open source, simulation, war
Trevor Paglen, Unmarked737 at "Gold Coast" Terminal, Part of the Limit Telephotography Series

UNDER FIRE is an ongoing art and research project that explores militarization and political violence. It delves into the structural, symbolic, and affective dimensions of armed conflicts: the organization, representation, and materialization of war.

Project Created: 
July 2006
People: Jordan Crandall
Project Type: Activism, Web
Tags: militarization, violence, war
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