Start Date: 
1 Jan 2005 - 31 May 2005

ASA Spring 2005

High School
Fakes: Digital Documentary and the Animation of ‘Truth’

Teaching Artist: Benj Gerdes
Experiments in simulation, forgery and dishonest documentary provided a basis for a class dialogue around ethics and the concept of truth in our contemporary political moment, alongside reconsiderations of the relationship of sound, image, and text in critical art practices.

Middle School
Electronic Recycling
Teaching Artist: Federico Muelas

Students worked with Basic Stamp microcontrollers, commonly used sensors (light, motion, heat, touch, etc), and basic physical computing to control “hacked” old and/or out of order devices such us VCRs, slide projectors, computers, and electronic toys. The 'recycled' equipment was re-engineered to develop a series of projects which comprise a visitor-driven interactive installation.


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