Dirt Party @ Futuresonic

Dave and I went to Manchester, UK to perform Dirt Party at the Futuresonic festival in 2008. For an explanation of the Dirt Party, please check out my video: "Dirt Party @ Eyebeam", or stuff.jeffcrouse.info/DaveJeff.pdf

Cast: Jeff Crouse


Resident artist Jon Cohrs has created a device for striking it rich by prospecting for oil in the city center. Using old metal detectors, hydrocarbon sensors, locative media, and hype, this project combines a DIY aesthetic, basic accessible electronics, and pop culture to re-invigorate urban exploration and prospecting. Riding on the coat tails of the current subculture of prospecting and the historical precedent of the Gold Rush, the aim is to encourage a tongue-in-cheek urban oil rush.

Project Created: 
May 2009
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