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Billed as "Eyebeam / GAFFTA Sound Research Meetup," it was a collaboration with the Manhattan-based organization Eyebeam ( and GAFFTA in San Francisco to provide people involved in sound an opportunity to discuss their work.


We thought: culture is much more important than politics. Let’s just start getting people living the way they wanna live.

You wanna live in a world where you don’t have to work? Let’s make it.

You wanna live in a world where you can get food for free? Let’s make it.

You wanna live in a house with lots of women and men and live the way you want? Let’s do it.

Let’s make the world that you imagine real by acting it out.

And if you can act it out, it’s real.

– Peter Coyote on The Diggers

From a PBS documentary on The Diggers.


I’ve always loved the sense of humor this shows… -Steve

The proclamation of the Indians of All Tribes who took Alcatraz:

To the Great White Father and All His People:


Headlands Center for the Arts Open House

Summer Open House
Sunday July 11, Noon – 5PM
Headlands campus | Mess Hall Café Open | FREE Admission
Open House provides a once-in-a-season opportunity to interact with Headlands’ Summer 2010 AIRs, Affiliates, and Graduate Fellows. View works-in-progress in artists’ studios, witness performances and readings, and explore Headlands’ campus situated in a National Park.


this iPark Life Text Shows the book I have written for you

A text-themed group show at Park Life Gallery, San Francisco

June 11, 2010 through July 18, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, June 11th 2010. 7 – 10 pm.


I am exhibiting with Charlie James Gallery at the San Francisco Fine Art Fair. All my hometown friends, please stop by and say hello to Charlie. There’s 4 pieces in the show including DO IT and It’s About Power.

May 21-23, 2010
Festival Pavilion
Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Fine Art Fair
– for tickets


FDIC Insured: County Bank

I actually got to see a real life failed bank! County Bank is, er… was on Market Street in San Francisco, a few blocks from the Embarcadero and Ferry Terminal.  Truly downtown in the midst of it.  And failed.


Where Lives Come to Die
Video, 3′31
San Francisco, 2009

This piece is based on a poem by Scott V. from Oakland. Scott and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time. I saw him perform this piece live and people were laughing, confused, and depressed all at once. It was amazing. After collaborating on a long-form experimental video, we decided why not keep the momentum going and turn the poem into a video?

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