A year ago(!) I “directed” a month long performance by Marisa Olson called “Marisa Writes her Dissertation: an endurance performance in 31 Acts.” For all of September 2008, Marisa wrote while webcam shots and screencaps of her desktop were automatically uploaded to the net every 60 seconds. This gesture of transparency was a continuation of Olson’s research into the role of sousveillance: she was partly working on dynamics of surveillance, sousveillance, and protest art in network culture. So it fit perfectly.


I have a bad habit of not blogging little things. Like when I get blogged. It seems so recursive. But at the same time, I delish them, and then they just stay there.

So in an effort to change that practice, I am instituting a Ping Report, which I will do as needed, but at least once a month. Just links, and maybe some pull quotes from blogs and exhibitions.

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