While he was in town for the opening of his current exhibition—Lifecycle, the artist Jeff Soto painted a striking piece on the façade of Chelsea's EYEBEAM, just around the corner from the gallery, at 540 West 21st Street. Many thanks to the fine folks at EYEBEAM for their neighborly support, and the incredible work they do.

Start Date: 
14 Oct 2004
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Discover street art, stickers, stencils, posters and visual memes (self-replicating ideas) that are posted, copied and mutated in the streets of New York and around the world. During Fall For Chelsea’s one-day-only community arts festival, join us for walking tours and scavenger hunt. Guides, including resident meme-ologist and editor Ryan Watkin-Hughes, will start out from Eyebeam's facility at 540 W 21st Street between 10th & 11th Avenues. Tours will explore the streets of Chelsea, pointing out and discussing various street art works, then allow the scavenger hunters document the memes they find. Bring your digital cameras or camera phones in order to upload pics to the StreetMemes web database, at, which tracks the global evolution of these viral art forms.


Art is evolving. In all forms. There’s no question that things have changed for music and literature, and will continue to shift as new technologies come to fruition.


Tactical Gizmology is a subcategory of Tactical Media. Beatriz da Costa and Critical Art Ensemble have facilitated a series of workshops in which interested participants could obtain basic knowledge in low- tech consumer electronics and use a series of different "gizmos" in political micro interventions. The aim of Tactical Gizmology is to introduce the use of electronic hardware and consumer products into the often software and print media dominated tool-kit of the Tactical Media practitioner.

Project Created: 
August 2002

Andrew Boch is an artist, designer and maker. His work focuses on interactivity and expanding the creative experience of his audience. A founding member of the art collective Reasonable People's League, Andrew's past works include the performance event Paint Show, Goop Dream (a video installation) and the iGPS sound installation. Andrew currently splits his time between Boston, Providence and New York and finds himself wishing the "north side" of BosWash had better public transit.

Eyebeam CV
SExhibiting Artist

Turf War? @ Eyebeam

Michael Mandiberg tackles the advertising parading as street art at Eyebeam yet again.

for more:

Cast: Michael Mandiberg, Patrick Davison and Steve Lambert


Graffiti FAIL

Mandiberg Solving Problems... Advertising is not Graffitti. Graffitti Walls are not places for Advertising, especially on the front of Eyebeam's space in Chelsea.

for work by Michael:
for more anti-advertising work:

Cast: Michael Mandiberg


G.R.L. The Complee7 First Season (Trailer)

GRL: The Complete First Season is this Sunday, May 4th @ 8PM at the MoMA. After the flick, talk with artists featured in the film, including Mark Jenkins, Leon Reid, Steve Lambert, the GRL and special guests + party to the music of Javelin. BYOPS! (Bring your own purple stuff).

More info here:

Get tickets here:

Cast: Evan Roth

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