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A workbook about the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), teaching the reader "how to become a zapped! RFID Scout." Witty and well designed as a teaching tool, this workbook provides information about surveillance, tracking and information collected using RFID technology along with exercises, true and false quizzes, and much more.


You may have heard the term RFID and possibly even brought one home unknowingly. But what exactly is a Radio Frequency Identification tag? Why are Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and the Food & Drug Administration sinking big bucks into these little chips and paving the way for mass implementation?

After a brief overview of the technology and its related issues, each participant will receive a Zapped! RFID workbook. Participate in one of several hands-on exercises. You can to build your own RFID keychain detector that will ring, vibrate or light up when a RFID reader is within range and scanning the airwaves for data. Or program a RFID tag to "talk back" to a RFID reader that you may uncover with your Zapped! keychain.

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July 2005
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