Hello All! My name is Luis Perez, and I am a very curious and adventurous guy. I love music and dealing with different aspects concerning technology. I aspire to study Aerospace/Aeronautic Engineering, (dealing with Flight Technology) and I am learning how to explore my deep thoughts in Art and technology in the Eye-beam Digital Day Camp 2009! =]


What’s up! I’m Usman. I am a rapper, writer and training manga artist. My content ranges from personal problems, philosophy, violence and social and political issues. I’m currently working on my debut album Daybreak. I am a kind, intelligent and creative person. I only get mad when someone really gets under my skin. I like meeting new people, making songs, writing stories and fanfics and watching anime. If you want to see my work go to


Hello.  I am Siena and am going to be starting my senior year of high school come September.  I am a traveler, explorer, New Yorker, and a coffee drinker.  I appreciate all forms of art and greatly enjoy museums, galleries, and such.  I like to converse with strangers, new people and widen my perspective; I yearn to learn from others’ experiences as ignorance is something to fear.  

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, Woody Allen is my god and I love Seinfeld.   

Along with the city-life I also love the country and the wilderness.  


I’m Jade.

I basically wear dresses all year round.





Hello my name is Mayte Burgoa and I am from the Bronx. I am a creative person, outgoing, down to earth and I stand up for what I believe. Fashion is my life and I design wedding dresses. I’m a passionate person who cares about others and making a change.

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