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24 Nov 2015

This workshop is presented as part of the 'Inside/Out' exhibit showing at 117 Beekman Street.

Email with "Opera Toolkit" in the subject to guarantee a spot.

This workshop is aimed at performers, singers, dancers, poets, technophiles, technophobes, and the simply curious.


Kate Watkins has an eye for the unique and beautiful. She has a background in painting and graphic design but fled to NY to pursue a MFA in Design + Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. She combines her eye for detail and love of color in her computer software to create lovely sound and performance environments. You will always find her hacking toys or antiques she found at flea markets and turning them into computer friendly machines that act as the tools used to explore musical expression and composition.  At Eyebeam she's working with Carrie Mae Rose on physical computing experiments for the interactive costumes Wearable Weapons.

Eyebeam CV

Ever since I installed this new Recent Shared Items plugin, I have become very aware of how little I post on here.  It makes it seem like all I do is browse my Google Reader.  But I have been very busy!  So here is a little update.  I finished my epic 4-year long fellowship at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, so it has been a period of adjustment for me.  I’ve done some freelance work with some very interesting people, and I hope to keep that going.

The Rockwell Group

Interaction Lab at Rockwell Group


A molecular gastronomer and environmental artist team up to make diners reconsider the source of their food and the impacts of their eating habits

[Published 2nd July 2010 03:17 PM GMT]

The first dinner of the Cross (x) Species supper club last Saturday straddled science, environmentalism and performance art.


Here is a quick little project I did for Dave, who now goes by Fever Creative.

I wasn’t able to go to Miami, where it was used, but Jacob Milam took some videos and pictures.  A video of a runway show floats around the screen, following the users face, while the liquid simulation (thanks Memo! in the background reacts to the users silhouette.

I’m now trying to figure out what I should release that would actually be useful for people.  I ended up making a kind of comprehensive ComputerVision class that does


A couple of students also asked about using JSON in openFrameworks.  Here is a quick example of using json-cpp.

JSONExample: using json-cpp in openFrameworks. XCode format

NOTE: you will need this updated version of ofxHttpUtils_03 and ofxThread (which comes with the FAT version of oF) to run the example.


One of my students wants to get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance for his project, so I wrote a bit of code to do a HTTP GET and regular expression.  I am a bit out of touch with what has been going on with scraping/web-related stuff in oF, but I recently got a request for a scraper addon that I helped write forever ago, and I wasn’t able to quickly find anything much newer, so I thought this might be useful.  It actually takes advantage of the Poco library, which is now part of the standard oF distribution, so anyone can use it without getting any additional addons.


Part 1 of a 2-part lesson on working with bitmaps in openFrameworks.


simple image processing


pixicles = pixels+particles

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Video from our 48 Hour Hackathon featuring projects created during the event:

openFrameworks art, EL wire fashion, 3d printed bottle openers, LED email lights, massive LED matrix projects, and books hacked to hold digital collections of… books!


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the site, and the concept struck to me as a great, low-commitment way of journaling without the pretense of pretending to have some super deep insights  that need to be written down.

Weeknotes are “about reflecting on your work, your achievements, and what’s on deck.“   Simple.

It has been 145 weeks since I started as a fellow at Eyebeam – arguably the beginning of my professional career.  So, what happened on this 145th week?

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