I realize that I have not been blogging as much as one should, but I have been very productive in regards to speaking and writing this Spring. 

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Here is an encapsulation of what’s been happening.
The Yes Men Fix the World DVD is out!  Get one or we’ll shoot this dog…

Chair, CAA 2010 Panel, “The Culture of Dispersion” (With Warren Sack, Michael Mandiberg, Elena Ubeda)

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Happy New Year!

I’m thrilled to tell you that there are three new bits of text out, two mine and a nice blog post.

The first is Nettrice Gaskins’ Art21 blog on Second Life that has some great material on Bibbe Hansen, my work with Cao Fei and Gazira Babeli, and Second Front! Super stuff.

Performative Interventions  The Progression of 4D Art in a Virtual 3D World

Also, the Performa 07 catalogue is out – it’s amazing, beautiful, all that.  In the high 200′s there is a nice blurb & score for “The Wrath of Kong” that I wrote, and Lana Wilson edited.  Really thrilled.

The last one is that the article on Public Art in Second Life is out, and it looks really nice.  Many thanks to Guest Editor Steve Dietz for working with me on this.

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I’m really pleased to announce an upcoming article in Public Art Review entitled,”Agoras and Conversations: Virtual Worlds, Public Art, and Second Life”, below is one of the pieces covered in the article – Irena Mandic’s “Flower Tower, which is a large sculpture/meeting place in Second Life.

In this article, I talk about the social/affective aspects of art in Second Life, including “Sculpture Parks”, relational works, and unexpected exigencies with different cultures collide.

Great thanks to Steve Dietz for asking me to participate.

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I’d like to invite you to my retrospective of three years of being part of the surreal Second Life scene, and to finally share some of my research at Eyebeam.

First of all, my retrospective, called “Chimera” is a conglomeration of my solo and collaborative work, including work from my installations at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art “Summer of Love 2.0″, and Australian National Portrait Gallery “Code Portraits”, also related to Eyebeam work, and madness created with my Second Sibling, Gazira Babeli, as well as my performance art group family, Second Front.

The opening is Friday, Dec. 11 at 1 PM SLT/PST

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On monday night July 27th, five students from Eyebeam’s Digital Day Camp stayed late to investigate and participate in a music production workshop given by Jon. With help from his two interns D.V and Deeds, Jon took us on a crash course through the basics of music recording and production, spanning from from mic types  to production tricks to getting that perfect sound using different equipment. He pushed us to listen to music in an involved fashion, and we had to tune our ears to hear the subleties that made each song come together. After pouring through the information, we split into team to make quick songs using what we had learned. After around an hour of working both teams presented great and very different minute long demos.

Team 1 : Luis, D.V., Zoe, and Jade

Team 2: Spencer, Jon, Deeds, and Usman

Overall it was a great expirence and everyone learned a ton!


Today is the day before the Pop-Up Party! So we are running around cutting fabric, making plants and other stuff to make the Pop-Up Party what it should be. For you this is a regular Monday but for us it the last touches on a masterpiece.


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