window farm


Britta Riley’s work plays with current structures for innovation in our culture and celebrates the wisdom of ordinary people. By means of a process she calls R&D-I-Y (research and develop it yourself), she applies a pedestrian mentality to intractable global issues to surprising effect. The resultant artifacts conjure lifestyles of a future sustainable society that are startlingly within reach. She brings the proposals to the public for further innovation thereby inviting ordinary people to participate in solving big environmental problems immediately through mass collaboration. Her DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee project, in collaboration with Rebecca Bray, helped people turn their pee into fertilizer for their houseplants through kits, events, and an installation. Her current project,, helps New Yorkers grow food in their apartments year-round by means of hydroponic window curtains.

Eyebeam CV
2009FHonorary Resident
SHonorary Resident
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